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Bank Disinfection Service

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    Bank Disinfection Cleaning Services

    Your bank is visited by a lot of people every day. With customers and employees in and out, it’s important that your bank is kept spotlessly clean. 

    Hiring a professional bank disinfection cleaning company is an effective way of keeping your premises clean, providing the right kind of welcome for anyone who walks through the door.

    bank disinfection service

    While businesses must adhere to certain health codes and other regulations, a professional disinfection cleaning company can go a step above to make your bank safe and hygienic.

    Find out more about Schuelke Disinfection Services and how we can help your bank look a million dollars!

    What are the benefits of bank disinfection cleaning services?

    Your bank or financial institution provides a range of services to its clients. They expect a great service from your business, and to feel confident that their money is being kept safely and securely. A bank needs to make the right impression, and the best impressions start with a clean environment.

    Using a bank disinfection cleaning company, you can help your bank remain spotlessly clean. Schuelke Disinfection Services provides a fast and effective service to help eliminate bacteria, viruses and more, helping to keep your clients and your employees safe. 

    Professional disinfection cleaning services can access hard-to-reach areas, as well as leave your bathrooms, offices, counters and other spaces – particularly your high-traffic areas. Knowing your bank is in safe hands, means you can do what you do best – providing excellent services for your clients.

    Professional bank disinfection cleaning with cleaning with Schuelke Disinfection Services

    At Schuelke Disinfection Services, we provide a wide range of cleaning services to help you run your bank with ease and confidence. We take care of the cleaning, with an experienced, reliable team, who are vetted and trained by us. Having a team you can trust in your bank is very important, and we want to make things as smooth as possible.

    Some of the disinfection cleaning services we provide include:

    • A full clean of your bank or financial institution, including high-traffic areas, offices, restrooms and more. 
    • A service that’s tailored to your needs, providing a regular service according to your needs and schedule.
    • Full disinfection using the latest products and technology to provide the most effective clean for your business. 
    • Non-toxic solutions to leave your bank safe for your customers and employees.

    Take a look at our complete range of services to find out more about what Schuelke Disinfection Services has to offer.

    Our Office Cleaning Services

    With bank cleaning services from Schuelke Disinfection:

    OSHA Expertise. Our cleaners know health and safety standards inside and out.

    • From chemical handling to blood borne pathogen standards, we’ll keep your
      business compliant with all regulations.
    • Smarter Floor Care. Whatever the surface, our cleaners have the products and
      expertise you need to get your floors looking their best.
    • Greener Cleaning. Our teams use eco-friendly disinfectants, and we clean using
      systems that reduce the impact and use of harsh chemicals.
    • Cleaner Bathrooms. Schuelke Disinfection target areas of concern
      in bathrooms, using our systems to disinfect for germs,
      viruses, and bacteria.
    • Germ-Free Disinfection. Schuelke Disinfection is the only cleaning
      company in Inland Empire with over 20 years of experience. 
      industry’s most advanced disinfection system.
    • Color-Coded Supplies. Our color-coded flat mops and microfiber cloths are used
      only in designated areas to minimize the transfer of germs and bacteria

    Bank disinfection cleaning in the Inland Empire, California

    At Schuelke Disinfection Services, we want to provide an effective, affordable and reliable service for our clients in the Inland Empire. We provide services that leave our clients satisfied, with glowing testimonials from our regulars. Your bank provides a premier service to its clients, and we want to do the same for you.

    Make sure your bank makes the right impression with the help of Schuelke Disinfection Services. Contact us today to get a free quote and to find out more about our services.


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    "We are very happy that we don't have to worry about Covid 19 affecting our staff"
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    "We have Schuelke Disinfection come out once a month for peach of mind."
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    "Our Yucaipa based business has never felt so clean. Thank you Gary!"
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